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Fun at Howells

Date of Visit:


Lots of fun at howells! Hello


Another Review

Date of Visit:


New Review


Cat Pic

Date of Visit:


This is Natalinos Cat at the farm


Great Time at Howells updated

Date of Visit:


Great Time at Howells!


Family Fun at Howells

Date of Visit:


So many fun things to do at Howells. My kids loved the pig races and both mazes. Food is great as well!


Great Place to Work and Play

Date of Visit:


Congrats on a very successful season!!!! Everyone did fantastic!! It was not only a pleasant experience to visit the farm with my son, but it was incredible that I had the opportunity to work at such a lovely place of employment. I will cherish the fond memories and great group of people I met along the way!!!! Hugs to everyone . Huge shout out to Manager Holly, you did an outstanding job juggling all those balls in the air!!! Great job, keep up the good work!!!


Zombie Paintball - Great Addition

Date of Visit:


Already did a review last year but I just had to say how much fun my grandchildren had again this year. They aboslutely LOVED the zombie paintball it is a great addition to the farm.


Zombie Paintball is a blast

Date of Visit:


We had a fantastic time at Howells yesterday and my kids shot a lot zombies; love the game!


Such Fun Activites - Always a Great Time

Date of Visit:


Howells is always one of my favourite places to go in the fall. The pig races and the mazes are always so much fun! Also the chicken shows are great to watch every year.


Great Opening Weekend

Date of Visit:


Went to Howells for opening weekend and it was crazy but a lot of fun! The pumpkin donuts and sausage are great.


Howells has activities for everyone!

Date of Visit:


Great place to visit for both young and old. The younger kids loved playing in the hay stacks and flinging pumpkins down the hill. Opening weekend was PACKED and lines were long but all the food (we got funnel cake, some fudge and kettle corn) were all worth the wait and staff was polite and considerate and thanked us for waiting so long.


Cannot Wait

Date of Visit:


Went to Howells last year and cannot wait to go back again soon.


Awesome but check the weather

Date of Visit:


This is a great place to go to experience fall and get into the halloween spirit. Great pumpkins of all sizes and varieties, lots of fall foods and a bunch of activites. Just make sure you check the hours and what activities are running on what days. Also check the weather because Howells can be hard to get around with small children when it is really muddy and sometimes they are not open at all because of the weather!


Repeat Visitor!

Date of Visit:


The kids absolutely love going to Howells each year sometimes we go three or four times! They really like seeing all the animals and going through the mazes. They also love choosing unique pumpkins for carving for Halloween and cannot get enough of Rex and the pig races!


Howells is fun for all Ages

Date of Visit:


I take my grandchildren here every year they absolutely love it! We cannot wait to come back again and I also cannot wait to have some more of that pumpkin soup that is delicious.


Make sure to get the adventure pass

Date of Visit:


This is a great place to bring your kids, so many things to do and see it is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the fall weather. My kids run around this place for hours and always find something fun to do. I would recommend getting an adventure pass because then your kids can do unlimited activities.